Thursday, 26 September 2013

Friday inspiration

Have a lovely weekend :)

The love of Spring :)

Spring has been around for a few weeks and summer will be here in a couple days, so my Spring post is a little bit late but oh how I love spring.  When there is that transition from the cold to the warm weather :)

I have a list detailing the love of Spring.  I hope you enjoy and please do share what you love about spring.

Colourful dresses

Braai's every other weekend

Flowers )

Beautiful sandals

More flowers

long days

Warm weather for walks / hikes

Lots of sun shine

You can see your toes!

Skin glows more in spring - because we always drinking lots of water :)

More colourful dresses

Many many picnics

Fruit and Vegetables are really affordable

What do you like the most about Spring?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wishing you...

Thank you for reading :)  See you on Monday!

What to wear for a job interview

Hi There!

This is dedicated to one of our readers who is currently out looking for a new job.  

So here are a few tips on how a lady should dress for a job interview.

Its always important to make extra effort when going for the interview because of the following reasons:

- to make a good first impression
- for your future employer to take you seriously
-to build up your confidence (interviews can be nerve wracking so any boost of confidence that one can find is a plus!)

Below are a few inspirational images of what one can wear:

Smart Jacket is a must

 Feminine well fitting dress or skirt.

Modest and smart clothing.

Good pair of closed heels

Subtle but beautiful accessories.

Neat well put together colours and pieces.

Beautiful blouse or top.

Good luck with your job interview :)

Are you ready for your job interview?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to wear Multi coloured heels

Multi coloured heels can be a lot of fun to play with when dressing up.  

You have to consider a couple of things first before you were them, the colour of the nail polish for your toes, the place where you are going and the type of design and colours that the shoe has.

So below are a few ways one can choose from when dressing up their multi coloured heels :)


You can choose to go all black or choose one of the colours of your shoes and stick to that including handbag.

 Choose to mix with two of the colours like wear accessories and clothing picking up on two of the heel colours.

Mixing two colours the peach and the beige.

Mixing two colours the mustard and the blue.

Or pick up one of the colours to match with the shoes.

Thanks for reading :)

Inspirational heel - Multi coloured heel

This weeks Inspirational heel is this multi coloured heel.  Lovely! :)

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