Thursday, 21 November 2013

Inspirational Friday

Have a great weekend! :)

Inspiration colours for dark complexions :)

This post is dedicated to girls like me who have a close to a very dark complexion.

We have to admit that we all have different colour complexions and tones, so best to dress yourself in way that compliments not only your body, personality but also your complexion.

I stay away from Black clothes from the waist upwards, like a black coat, a black long sleeved high collared dress/top because that will just make me fade away.

I can wear black dresses that show off my shoulders and my collar bones or have a deep v-neckline, or have lace or have chiffon covering or some really gorgeous detailing.  I do have a black long sleeved silk blouse that I love to wear, I found its okay to wear it because it really compliments my skin tone (must be the silk glow of the blouse) and I always wear it with pearls. So I hope you get what I mean about really studying what colours suit your complexion.

The colours that I do recommend are the following:

- Gold
- Green
- Yellow
- Orange
- Silver
- Blue
- Red
- White
- Coral
- Metallic

Below are inspirational images of colours that suit girls that have dark complexions:

Credits Google Images

Thank you for reading!

What colours go well with your complexion?

I would love to hear from you.