Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday Tips

Happy Thursday!

One more day and its weekend.

Last week we did not manage to share our Thursday Tips.  So we are happy that we are posting the FIRST EVER Thursday Tip!


Thursday Tips is when we will post something that will be of use to you in terms of fashion and will inspire you.   Will also be great for discussion, so please use the comments section and let us know what you think is in line with the Tips and if you have points to add.

Okay so lets get started!


We will start off with the basic Tips 


1. Check if you are smelling fresh and your breadth is smelling fresh

Take a nice warm shower or bath and brush your teeth.  If you ate something like garlic the night before try maybe to carry some mints in your bag because sometimes garlic smell can remain in your mouth for a much longer time whether or not you have brushed your teeth.

Will make is so much easier to smile without feeling self conscious :)


2. Check your hair style and make up

Check if you have clipped your hair in place properly and that your make up is just right.  Take some time in these areas.

3. Iron your clothes 

Take time to iron your clothes if you need to.  It just makes your outfit look so much better.  I remember I put on a scarf and I was lazy to iron it.  I put it on and tried to ignore it un ironed effect (there are some scarves that don't need to be ironed but this one did).  So I remember feeling frumpy the whole day just because of that scarf.  The following week, I wore that same scarf with a different outfit and I made time to iron it and it looked amazing.  I remember that day I felt like a million bucks.  So do make effort to iron clothes that need to be ironed it will make your outfit look more put together! :)

4. Check your Shoes and Nails before leaving the house

Shoes can make or break an outfit and same as for you toe nails and finger nails.  Maybe you walked through some mud the last time you wore your boots.  Try dust them off and if they need polishing (not all shoes/sandals need to be polished).  But make time to polish them if they need to maybe the day before.  

Please NO chipped toe or finger nails.  Try to always have your nails looking clean.  Either with polish or no polish on.

5. Lastly check yourself in a full length mirror front and back 

You haven't got a mirror maybe invest in a full length mirror that is adjustable and before you leave the house make sure that you look at your front and as well as your back.  I emphasis back because I had an episode before where I rushed out the house and didn't check how I had put my stockings on.  I blame waking up late because I usually put my stockings on before I put on my dress.  Well since it was one of those mornings where I was 20 mins behind time that meant my grooming time was eaten into.  So I remember someone coming up to me and telling me that my dress was in my stockings!  I will never forget that day!

So take time to check front and back and do a little dance.

And now you are free to go out with confidence and feel great!

Hope you enjoyed our First Thursday Tips Post :)

Are they any tips you would like to share?

Please share we could all learn from each other!