Thursday, 26 September 2013

Friday inspiration

Have a lovely weekend :)

The love of Spring :)

Spring has been around for a few weeks and summer will be here in a couple days, so my Spring post is a little bit late but oh how I love spring.  When there is that transition from the cold to the warm weather :)

I have a list detailing the love of Spring.  I hope you enjoy and please do share what you love about spring.

Colourful dresses

Braai's every other weekend

Flowers )

Beautiful sandals

More flowers

long days

Warm weather for walks / hikes

Lots of sun shine

You can see your toes!

Skin glows more in spring - because we always drinking lots of water :)

More colourful dresses

Many many picnics

Fruit and Vegetables are really affordable

What do you like the most about Spring?