Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to wear Multi coloured heels

Multi coloured heels can be a lot of fun to play with when dressing up.  

You have to consider a couple of things first before you were them, the colour of the nail polish for your toes, the place where you are going and the type of design and colours that the shoe has.

So below are a few ways one can choose from when dressing up their multi coloured heels :)


You can choose to go all black or choose one of the colours of your shoes and stick to that including handbag.

 Choose to mix with two of the colours like wear accessories and clothing picking up on two of the heel colours.

Mixing two colours the peach and the beige.

Mixing two colours the mustard and the blue.

Or pick up one of the colours to match with the shoes.

Thanks for reading :)

Inspirational heel - Multi coloured heel

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