Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Yesterday I met for coffee with one of my clients. I met her through my lovely sister.

Supplying my clients with a new pair of shoes makes me so happy.  My client couldn't believe how beautiful the boots were and the detailing.  Everything about the pair of boots said everything about the kind of image I want my products to present.

We unfortunately were only able to meet for 15 mins as I had to rush off to school but I was happy because:

  1. I put a smile on her face when I handed the new pair to her
  2. She mentioned she had a terrible day and after we finished up our coffee meeting she mentioned how she felt soo much better. 
  3. And I left feeling great because I felt I had given above and beyond what she expected, I hope I can keep that up because the High it gives me is a great feeling :)
Below is the image of the boot!  And hopefully my client will share a picture of her wearing the boots.
Well I hope you are having a lovely day!

Will be posting more regularly!

But before I leave you, here is an inspiration of how you can wear this boot with a dress:

With your jacket, a pair of stockings and some bangles.

So stay tuned for more fashion inspiration ideas.

Leave a comment and your email address if you would like a pair of the boots I posted up there!

Have a lovely day!

Mwaaaaaaah :)