Thursday, 15 August 2013

Types of Clutch purses to wear to a wedding


Over the weeks we have looked at the type of dresses we can wear to a wedding, the hairstyles and weekly we have our inspirational heels and most of them we could wear to a wedding with our outfits.

Today we will look at the types of Clutch purses to go with our outfits.

So I am not sure what kind of dress you are going to be wearing so I have compiled images of types of clutches you could wear and then you can try and see which will go best with your outfit.

But I know that if you want to invest in one for special occasions you can never go wrong with a black shiny clutch with some bling or a silver one or a gold one.  Those three colours are easy to match up with any dress and then all you have to do is wear your black sandals or silver sandals or gold sandals.

Enjoy the Inspirational images with a few notes below each of the images.

Black with the gold can go with many colours, here she is wearing with a purple dress with gold earrings.

Purple clutch you could wear with a silver dress and silver sandals.

The burnt orange dress is going with the champagne coloured clutch.

Black on black is elegant.

Black clutch with silver detailing is beautiful goes with the romantic gown she is wearing and so do her accessories.

Red is great with black, silver, champagne coloured dress and red heels.

Black with gathers is stunning.

Silver clutch

Black clutch with lots of detailing will need a simple gown and outstanding silver sandals.

Champagne and green coloured clutch.

Green clutch

Silver clutch click here now to order this silver clutch, this clutch comes in black, red, gold and red :)

Gold and black clutch simple yet stunning.

Gold clutching going really well with the dress and accessories.

Gold clutch matching with dress and accessories.

Black clutch that you can also have a purse over your shoulder :)

Gold purse stunning :)

Thank you for reading!