Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday!

I hope you are ready for another productive, style filled week! :)

This is a reminder for me especially.  I want to try do more this week and talk less.  I find I put more effort in talking I am going to do this, and then I am planning on that and I will even put images in my mind as I am talking about how I will "deliver" and even have hand movements the works! (all I need is fireworks and drum rolls and you will really think I'm going somewhere with my speeches. I will go on telling and then all my energy is expended and then when its time to do what I "said" I would do I am exhausted!  So you know the rest of the story...

So lets save the "saying" and lets "do".

Join me.. wont you :)

Have a great day!