Thursday, 14 November 2013

Friday Inspiration

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Red Carpet

My one friend  was telling me that she is attending the end of year function for work and was nervous because the end of year function has a theme!  I was like that is awesome I love themes :)
So she asked me to blog about how dress for a year end function when the theme is a follows:

"A night of boldness, drizzled with Sparkle enveloped in Glamour"  

The theme just got me so excited.  I was doing my happy dance after she told me that I am also invited.  I already have a dress might post images of myself here of how I dress for the event.  My sister has been pushing me to post images of myself on my blog and I'm really nervous about that.  She actually has a great blog and you can read about it here, my favourite post by her is The time is now.

 Fortunately my one friend super creative  is an excellent photographer has been taking pictures of me on a weekly basis so busy trying to put them together into a blog able images :)  So watch this space and pray that I let go of the fear of trying new things.

How does one dress up for the Red Carpet?

So this is the time of the year when there are end of year functions.  So for those of you whose end of year event is going to be Red Carpet themed, this post is for you, to get some inspiration on how to dress for the event.  Here goes:

* Credits Google Images

Thank you for reading :)