Friday, 28 June 2013

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Thursday Tips - How to get back into shape after having a baby


How are you :)

I am sorry Thursday Tips is a day late.  Our internet was down for most of the day yesterday so didn't want to do a rushed post you know.

It really messed up my day yesterday because I really was looking forward to this post.

Anyways I hope you are ready for Thursday Tips on a Friday :)

This post is dedicated to one of our readers who told me that she needs Tips on how to lose weight post pregnancy weight.

So came up with a few tips, as I t have had months where I have gained weight that I was not happy with, even had a friend of mine ask me whether I was expecting! And I was not! forget the fact that his comment was rude but I was over weight for my liking and my health!

 Tips on How To Get Back Into Shape after having a baby

1. Come up with a plan

Don't put so much pressure because you have recently had a baby so come up with a plan and take it easy.

2. Write down your goals of what you want to look like or the weight you are aiming for.

3.Have some motivational pictures the you can refer to of what you want to look like.  Maybe picture of what you looked like just before you were pregnant and have that on your vision board :)

4.Research on the best exercise regimes that will best suit your life style, budget and enjoyment.  Here are a few ideas:

Join the gym

Go Jogging/Running/ Brisk walking

Join a hiking club

Sports club/ dance class

5. Start now.

6.Spend at least 45 - 60 mins 4 times a week exercising.

7. Instead of taking your car to the near shopping centre walk there.  Instead of taking the elevator/escalator take the stairs.  Instead of taking the nearest bus stop walk to the furthest one.

8. Keep focused.  You will only really begin to see results at least after 3 months and your family, colleagues and friends will only see the difference after 6 months.

9. Watch what you eat.  Study the types of foods you are eating and see if they are healthy.  If not, maybe need to study what you eat.  Is it adding value to your health?

Thank you for reading.  

Please share how you managed to get back to the weight you desired after having a baby.